Back Together Safely (COVID-19): Latest plans on how the group is returning to face-to-face Scouting. Find out more


You will no doubt be aware that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to develop around the world. The Government continues to respond to the outbreak and issue further advice on a regular basis. Please always use the latest Government advice as your primary reference.

Last Updated: 29th July 19:11

In line with government guidance The Scout Association have are now slowly allowing groups to operate face-to-face Scout meetings, activities at 1st Farnsfield Scout Group. For more detailed information please visit


On this page we are not looking to reiterate points that Public Health England or the Government are communicating but rather what the group are doing and the potential scenarios that may arise.

The Executive Committee and Section Leaders are all in agreement we must continue to respond to the developing situation in a calm, measured and appropriate way in line with government advice. We must plan to safeguard our members and the financial implications it may have.

The group understand members and parents may have questions about how Coronavirus (COVID-19) will affect the operation of Scouts here in Farnsfield. These questions may be about holding weekly Scout meetings, running/camps events or upcoming international trips. The following gives some areas we have plans in place for.

Events & Camps

A key part of this is events and residentials. We are ensuring that if an event is cancelled that refunds will be available and/or the event will be rescheduled. We will give the earliest notice possible for cancellation of events.

Displaying Symptoms or Ill

Anyone who is ill or displaying symptoms should follow the guidance given by Public Health England. Please notify us that this is the case via email, phone call or text message so that we can take appropriate action. As of 16th March this will result in people staying away from Scouts for 14 days.

Adults Volunteers

We are ran by adult volunteers. If we have insufficient adults to run a session it will need to be cancelled. Adult leaders who are following Public Health England guidance may not be able to run a session. We will let you know of the cancellation as soon as possible.

On An Evening

All sections are encouraging hand washing more regularly inline with government advice.

Vulnerable People

There are groups of people that are more vulnerable to the virus. We are monitoring who may be more vulnerable to the virus and will take appropriate action aligned to Government advice.

Membership Fees

At the current time membership of The Scout Association requires us to continue to pay the termly fee. The Executive Committee are conscious it is a difficult time for all. There are costs we cannot avoid as a group which we will still be incurring, such as member & equipment insurance (to the value of £2,500 per term), however, the executive committee have decided to PAUSE direct debits for this coming term to help our members. For Autumn 2020 term membership fees have agreed to be £15.

You will receive an email from GoCardless over the coming weeks informing you the direct debit has been paused. It does mean the group will have a deficit at the end of the year and we are asking if you would like to donate to help Scouting continue in Farnsfield then please visit our donation page (

As an example of other costs incurred, we pay £18 per young person on insurance per term, £2 per person for insuring our equipment per term, £3 per virtual scout meeting and £1 per badge gained at home.

Scouts at Home

We already have available Scouts at Home packs which you can find here. This includes the Summer of Skills pack which we released in summer 2019 that gives 45 activities to do at home to help gain skills for life. You will also find on Scouts at Home 20+ badge and activities to do to contribute towards a badge. How simple! Take a look at the activities and enjoy. We also working with Parent Portal to have additional packs available to help support any closure and to enable virtual Scouting.


The following significant events are being held over the next six months and into 2021.

VE Activity Weekend (CANCELLED)

We have taken the decision to cancel the VE Activity Weekend and Celebration. All money paid will be refunded back to your accounts through GoCardless. When we return to normal we’ll look to organise another camp.

St Georges Day Parade (CANCELLED)

This is a District led event. As of 15th March, the district have taken the decision to postpone the event for 2020.

Annual Awards & Review (AGM)

The Executive Committee are organising the Annual Awards & Review for Tuesday 14th July. Our annual awards night will be held virtually. Look out for information coming out soon.

Summer Camp 2020 - Tolmers (RESCHEDULED)

This event has been cancelled from our 2020 diary but rescheduled for 2021. A full refund is being provided to members who were set to attend this.

Summer Camp 2021 - Kandersteg (RESCHEDULED)

This event has been cancelled from our 2021 diary but rescheduled for 2022. A full refund is being provided to members who were set to attend this.

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