Nat’s Story

Date: 17th Jun 2018 Author: Chris Blockley

A new brand and visual identity for the Scouts has gone live, focusing on skills for life as our key benefit. The changes come seventeen years after the last major overhaul of the Scout brand, and coincides with the launch of a new five year strategy: Skills for Life: Our plan to prepare better futures.

Skills For Life

Our new brand aims to better communicate the character, employability and practical skills young people gain, helping raise public understanding and awareness of Scouting’s impact.

Developed in partnership with volunteers, and following consultation with 7,000 people, our new visual identity reflects Scouting in a digital age, while still retaining our strong heritage – including the iconic fleur-de-lis.

Nat’s Story

At the heart of the launch is a powerful new film telling Nat’s story. ‘It’s a personal story that begins with a young person leaving the movement and going out into the world,’ says, Director Thom Wood from 3angrymen. In a series of moving scenes from her life after Scouting, we see Nat using the skills she has gained to face challenges and seize opportunities.’

Scouting provides a second family to lots of young people. It’s a safe place where they can aspire and grow.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls