Membership Subscriptions

Find an easy link to membership subscriptions, if you find you require anything else please email us and we can get it added.

Membership Subscriptions…

The group is solely funded by our membership subscription so it is very important we receive it on time. This fee covers the week in week out activities and most importantly the insurance for our members.

As of September 2018 membership subscriptions per term are currently set at £32 for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. They are due termly on 1st January, 1st May and 1st September.

You can pay via

  • Cheque or cash to the section leader
  • Direct bank transfer through this website

Every cheque/cash you pay has to go through four people before we get it in our bank so paying by direct bank transfer helps us greatly.

Please click the appropriate section below to setup your Direct Debit.

Termly Recurring

This means your membership subscription fees are paid automatically each term.


One Off Payment

This means you will only make a one off payment and will need to pay again next term.